5Rhythms Dance™

Join us! Dancer or non-dancer, there is a place for you on our floor. Everyone has their own style and there is no right way to do this practice if you are willing to show up. Instincts are often overshadowed by overactive minds; when we move the body, we still the mind. And we have a good workout, especially when we realize “as on the dance floor, so in life”.

5Rhythms™ is a movement practice developed by Gabrielle Roth over the span of her lifetime and is danced all over the world. We are drawn to this dance for so many reasons, including fabulous music and community. And surprising deep healing occurs when we dive in and explore our own personal territory of being. A 5Rhythms™ class is where body, soul, and spirit have the opportunity to fully express, bringing the twin gifts of grounding and connection we all seek.

Friday night classes and Sunday Sweat Your Prayers begin with a warm up, time to arrive in our bodies. This is followed by a longer wave of music with each rhythm to support your practice. Each class is created individually with fresh music and new teachings.

The Rhythms…

Flowing supports us in freeing the body to experience the power of being, gathering creative energies, being open, fluid and graceful, and letting life in.

Staccato encourages us to move with the energy coming through us, expressing our hearts to experience the power of loving, defining what is true for ourselves.

Chaos helps us empty the mind and let the power of what we are creating move through us and manifest.

Lyrical allows us to feel the lightness, ease, and grace of integration.

Stillness teaches us the art of letting it be and the peace that comes with that allowing.

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